Seymour, IN Air Conditioning Repair

Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning is a leading HVAC company serving homeowners in Seymour, IN. We understand the frustration caused by a malfunctioning air conditioning system and offer quality air conditioning repair services so you can stay comfortable throughout the year.

Our team of experienced technicians, dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship, has years of experience diagnosing and repairing all types of AC systems. You can count on us for your AC repair.

Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repair

Like any other system, an air conditioning unit may develop drawbacks. When you notice Issues with your AC unit’s performance, scheduling a repair is important. Neglecting issues may cause the system to malfunction further, resulting in more serious damage with more expensive solutions.

Here are five signs your air conditioner needs repair:


Poor Airflow

Insufficient airflow indicates that your AC system may be clogged or have a damaged compressor, lowering its ability to cool the air.

Strange Odors

Musty and burning smells may indicate mold growth or faulty wiring, possibly quickly developing into serious hazards.

Unusual Noises

Popping, hissing, and squeaking sounds may alert you of a damaged compressor, blower motor, or other major component.

Uneven Cooling

Noticing rooms in your home are cooler or warmer than others can indicate blockages, leaky air ducts, or faulty insulation.

High Energy Bills

Consistently high bills are a sign your AC system has to work harder than it should, straining the system.

Choose Professional Repairs When Problems Arise

Although some homeowners may be tempted to repair their air conditioning units by themselves, seeking the services of a professional HVAC technician is wise. Attempting a repair without the necessary skills and knowledge could damage your AC system and compromise your health and safety. If the unit is still under warranty, DIY repairs may void the warranty and induce unwanted costs.

Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning professionals have the meticulous training and certification to repair AC units correctly and safely. We have the right equipment to diagnose and fix issues, spotting potential problems homeowners might not know of. When issues are proactively addressed, homeowners save time, money, and further trouble.

Why Choose Advantage?

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning:

  • Expertise: Advantage was established in 1997 and has been providing services and garnering invaluable experience handling diverse air conditioning issues ever since. Our technicians receive up-to-date training on trends and practices.

  • Prompt Service: Our team is available for convenient appointments so homeowners can access timely service whenever needed.

  • Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing on all services and provide upfront price quotes to help homeowners plan for services that fit their budgets.

  • Complete HVAC Service: Our team offers complete air conditioning services, from installation to maintenance and repairs.

  • Customer Service: We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations. Our technicians are courteous and professional and clean up after every job.

Schedule AC Repair in Seymour, IN

Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning is the trusted partner for homeowners in Seymour, Indiana. You can be confident that our experienced technicians are dedicated to excellent service.

To schedule your quick, quality repair appointment with Advantage, give us a call or contact us online.

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