What Are the Differences Between Gas and Electric Furnaces?

Choosing the right heating system is paramount to your home’s comfort. Gas and electric furnaces stand as two pillars in this domain, each with its own set of characteristics. However, many homeowners don’t know the difference between gas and electric furnace systems. Advantage Heating and Air explores the differences between these two forced air heating systems to help you make the choice between a gas or electric furnace. 1. Operation Gas Furnace: Gas furnaces operate on the principle of combustion. Natural gas or propane is ignited in the burner, generating heat. This heat energy is then transferred to the air through the heat exchanger before being distributed throughout the home

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Signs That You Should Replace Your Furnace

As the seasons change, our reliance on home heating systems becomes increasingly apparent. Your furnace works tirelessly to keep your home cozy. However, like any mechanical system, furnaces have a finite lifespan, and recognizing the signs of wear and tear is crucial.  In this guide, we’ll explore the telltale signs that indicate it might be time for a furnace replacement. 1. Age Matters Let’s start with the basics – the age of your heating system. Unlike fine wine, an old furnace doesn’t improve with time. When gas furnaces and electric furnaces are over 15 years old, they’re entering the twilight of their operational life. New gas furnaces and electric furnaces

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How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy indoor environment, few things are as crucial as the air we breathe. Your home’s air ducts play a vital role in ensuring that the air circulating within is clean and free from contaminants. However, determining how often to clean air ducts can be a bit of a puzzle. Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning explains the factors influencing the frequency of air duct cleaning, situations that may necessitate more frequent cleaning, and the telltale signs that your air ducts are overdue for a thorough cleanse. Why Are Air Duct Cleaning Services Necessary? Air ducts act as the respiratory system of your home, facilitating the

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Why Is My Thermostat On But There Is No Heat?

The comfort of a warm home is a modern luxury we often take for granted until the day our thermostat is on but there’s no heat coming from your heat pump or gas furnace. It’s a frustrating scenario, especially during the chilly months, leaving you puzzled and reaching for extra layers. If you find yourself in this predicament, fear not – there are several potential culprits, ranging from thermostat issues to problems within your heating system. Let’s delve into the possible reasons and solutions for this common household dilemma. Why Is My Thermostat On But No Heat Is Produced? Thermostat Issues The first port of call when your digital thermostat

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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

When the chill of winter sets in, your home’s furnace is your ally, diligently working to keep you warm and comfortable. However, the distressing moment when you feel cold air flowing from your air ducts instead of the expected warm air can be disconcerting. If you find yourself wondering, “Why is my furnace blowing cold air?” fear not – there are common issues behind this predicament, and Advantage Heating and Air is here to guide you through troubleshooting and solutions. Common Culprits Behind a Heater Blowing Cold Air Thermostat Woes It may seem basic, but overlooking your thermostat settings can lead to unnecessary concerns. Often, the root cause of cold

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How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

When it comes to your home’s comfort, few things are as crucial as your heating and cooling system. HVAC systems come in various types, each serving a unique purpose. The burning question for many homeowners is, “How long can I expect my HVAC system to last?” In this blog, we’ll explain the average life expectancy for each type of HVAC system, share tips on maximizing the life of your HVAC equipment, and highlight signs that indicate it might be time for a new system. Average Life Expectancy of HVAC Units Furnaces Furnaces are the workhorses of many heating systems. On average, heating oil furnaces and gas furnaces typically last between

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