If I had a dime for every time I heard a customer express their lack of happiness with their fireplace, well… I would have a lot of dimes.  All too often I go into a home that has the original fireplace added by the builder and the home owners are not happy with it.  The two most common complaints are: #1.  It’s ugly, and #2.  It doesn’t put out very much heat.  Homeowners then turn to me for answers.  This is where it gets complicated.  A lot of times the homeowners are happy with the surround, tile, mantle etc… that accompanies the fireplace, and just want to get a new fireplace.  On few occasions with some ingenuity, I am able to make that happen, but most of the time I simply cant make their dream fireplace come true without removing all of the existing surround. This is costly and usually ends with a homeowner not having the budget to update the fireplace the way they would like.  That’s all the bad news.  The good news is that there is a way to avoid this.  Tell your builder what you want.  Builders are notorious for cutting costs where they can, and fireplaces are one area that usually get the shaft when it comes to upgrades.  My question is; Why?  Fireplaces can be a viable source of efficient heat.  They can heat your house when the power goes out.  A fireplace adds value to your home.  They can be an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your room.  Point being, if someone is building your home, it’s your fireplace, not theirs.  Tell them that you want to have the fireplace either subcontracted out or do your research and pick the one that you want.  Fireplace manufactures make what they call builder grade fireplaces and they sell them to builders for incredibly low prices.  They are called builder grade for a reason.


A good place to start is with a fireplace design app that is featured on many of the top fireplace manufactures websites.  They allow you to create the fireplace you want by giving you a virtual array of options and style for each fireplace.


We are going to make sure that you are happy with your fireplace.  It’s going to be something that you will have to look at for however long you live in your house and we want you to enjoy it.  We want you to be proud of it.  We are insured to install it.  Ask your builder if they are insured to install fireplaces!  A lot of them are not.  WHY?  Because it’s expensive, and builders like to do what?  CUT COSTS!  We stand behind our product with our service.  We can service and perform preventative maintenance on any fireplace that we install.  We can offer you premium products that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  We simply just want to make sure that people love their fireplaces.  So ask yourself, do you want a non-insured company installing a builder grade fireplace in your house that will not stand behind the products warranty or service it? Or, do you want a locally owned, insured, expert, who stands behind their product to install a premium fireplace that you will enjoy for years to come?